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What’s going on at The Jet Express in the Winter?

It is no secret that the Jet Express season ends at the end of October. But what do we do throughout the winter months? In short, we prepare for the next season!

From the moment our scheduled ferry service to the islands ended this year on October 23rd, our captains and mechanics immediately got to work preparing the vessels for the harsh winter. Cleaning the vessels, storing the life jackets in the inside cabins, winterization, minor repairs and maintenance, and cleaning the voids are but a few things our team handles before the boats are hoisted out of the water.

We hoist our vessels out of the water ourselves with our massive marine travelift from Marine Travelift Inc! We had help from a Capital City crane team to assemble the lift in 2021. We’ve had the lift for a few years, and it’s awesome to finally see it in action! It allows us to lift all our vessels out of the water and onto concrete storage blocks quickly, safely and efficiently. Jet Express II, our largest vessel weighing 84 tons (168,000 lbs.), is carried around like a toy by this awesome machine.

As of right now, Jet Express I, II, IV and the Glass City Pearl are currently out of the water and stored on blocks at our sand dock. Jet Express III is the only vessel still in the water, as she has some engine work to be done before she can come out.

UPDATE 12-7-2022: Our team completed the engine rebuild on Jet Express III! We took her on a quick cruise to Put-in-Bay and back to make sure everything was in working order, then promptly pulled her out of the water for the winter on the same day! Now, all FOUR vessels are sitting comfy at our sand dock!

a group of people riding on the back of a boat

What else is The Jet Express doing this winter?

Along with preparation for the 2023 season, we get involved with all kinds of fun stuff through the winter! We host a couple different events, celebrations and gatherings at our Island Port Venue! You can rent this space for your event! We’ve hosted everything from graduation parties to wedding receptions! The facility can accommodate up to 150 people comfortably and is completely catering friendly!

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When is the 2023 Jet Express Schedule coming out?

The questions we get asked the most throughout the winter, when is our 2023 schedule coming out?

Soon! We’re currently working on finalizing a couple different parts of it before we can bring it all together. But, it is in the works!

Holiday Gift Vouchers & Season Passes?

We’re working on holiday gift vouchers for 2023 Tickets & Season Passes too! We’ll announce those as soon as we get them finalized!

Anything fun going on in the Shores & Islands area?

Now, more than ever before, there is fun to be had ALL YEAR LONG! Events, live music, restaurants, parades and more!

You can find all event information for the area at!

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