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Island Hopping

What’s better than an island? Two islands. And one price.

Put-in-Bay and Kelleys Island are similar in ways but very distinct in many others. Whether you are looking to explore the wondrous caverns of Put-in-Bay or the unbelievable glacial grooves on Kelleys Island, the Island Hopping package allows you to do both on the same day. Maximize your time at the Lake Erie Islands and explore everything they have to offer. This is the perfect way to discover the beauty of both islands for one low ticket price!

Save up to $8 per ticket.
Adult: $48
Child (6-12) from Sandusky: $13.50
Child (6-12) from Port Clinton: $10.00
Ages 5 & Under: FREE

To purchase Island Hopping tickets, visit the Jet Express ticket window.

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Why buy an Island Hopping package?

Many times people venture to one of the islands and then decide to hop over to the other. We applaud the world’s plan ahead people by providing a discount off the cost of purchasing fares on the islands. Purchase your departures to one or both islands plus your return fare and save up to $8.

Do I have to visit the islands in a particular order?

Short answer, no. However, if you’re leaving from Port Clinton, we recommend Put-in-Bay first, then Kelleys. Leaving from Sandusky? We recommend Kelleys first, followed by Put-in-Bay.

Can I visit them on different days if I spend the night on one island?

Yes. Stay the night. The weekend. The entire season. It’s cool. Your remaining fares are good for the next available departure.

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