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Unique Island Sippers

Looking for the perfect island vacation libations?

We happily tasted every magically mixed beverage on Put-in-Bay to bring you our official Top 5 list. Bottoms up.


Island Rum & Island Vodka - Put-in-Bay Brewery & Distillery

If you visit Put-in-Bay’s very first Brewery & Distillery, you’ll be tempted to try their delicious craft beer selection. And you should! But for our money, their Rum and Vodka is the island party your mouth is waiting for.


Victory - Red Moon Saloon

Good news! We finally know what real victory tastes like: It’s Jameson + passion fruit puree + tres agave nectar + chianti. And you can only find it at the island’s favorite speakeasy, the Red Moon Saloon.


The Gas Dock - The Keys

Here’s “the key” to this frozen favorite: 151 Octane mixed with Rum Runner and topped with a Bacardi 151 Floater. And then stay at The Keys for another.


Filthy Little Oar Shot - Reel Bar

This is more than a shot—it’s a party tradition. Grab your friends, go to the Reel Bar, and knock a few of these Crown Royal concoctions back. And to answer your question: yes, it’s served on an oar.


Shark Shots - The Fishbowl

This is a must-try island favorite from The Fishbowl. It’s whiskey + Peach Schnapps + Cranberry Juice. Of course, it includes shooter-sized sharks to drink from. And of course, it’s delicious.

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